Sunday, August 24, 2008


Just logged a - £3 - £3.5k weekend across sports and poker.

I think this is probably the most I ever lost across a weekend and certainly aint good. I played sha at poker and had 2 very large sports bets that both lost.

On plus side got £1650 expenses for WSOPE from Betfair so limits it a little. Off next week but head is up my backside now - need to make sure I don't do anything daft.

Still just in the black for poker / sports for month but weekend destroyed what i was in front for month.

Might just play some low buy in zillion player multis on *s and get discipline back - also giving up on cash experiment as I am shat.


Wildcat said...

Ouch, sorry to hear that :( Hope you get it back soon,

F-Badger said...


If you decide toi come drop me an email - will meet up for some food and a drink b4 hand...

Email me at