Thursday, August 21, 2008


One of the best cash players around (Smart Money) was back on the Betfair forum. Good to se him back as has not been around for a while.

I particulalry likes the below story :)

So, I got thrown out of Caesar's Palace last night.....I arrived yesterday 2pm, checked into Bellagio, and then went straight to CP for some $2/5. Then took a look at the WSOP ME at the Rio before playing some cash there.After meeting up with my ex-girlfriend, I ate with her and her friends at Noodles (Bellagio) before going to Tryst (Wynn.) When I left the club at 3am I went and played some more at Caesars.Some time later a girl, who is a dealer at one of the other poker rooms, joins the table to my right. As it's a pretty good table with most people drinking and having a laugh, I tell her that we have a rule at the table that anyone who wins a pot has to get their tits out. The guy to my left wins the next pot, lifts up his shirt and shows his nipples as a joke. For the next half hour or so most of the good natured banter is centered around this girls' breasts.Anyway, I say to the girl "I bet you $5 I can make your boobs move without touching them." She's a little skeptical but takes me up on the bet. The dealer pauses the game and the rest of the table are all watching. So I hold my hands out a few inches away from her breasts for a second or two before putting them on her boobs and moving them all around. I then sigh and say "You win" and toss her a $5 chip.Everyone at the table was ******* themselves and I figured she'd fun it a bit of harmless fun too. However, she just sat there stunned and shocked. Eventually the floor person gets called (for a ruling on feeling breasts at the poker table!!?) and I get told to leave! F*ck it. it was 8:30am anyway.I don't think I'll be going there again tonight. May try The Mirage.

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TEAMDOBB said...

pmsl and have the image in my head clear as anything- brilliant story