Sunday, October 12, 2008


I wish I went to bed an hour earlier last night !!!

Bought in to 25 50 $ fixed limit which I quite like and was up about 800$ after 45 mins. However I then got rivered back to back hands for 1000$ pots and was back to my starting stack of $1250.

I was not tilted but seen a short handed 10$ 20$ that i thought i would try and double up on. Firstly i pay off a backdoor flush when i let someone in cheap on turn when i had trips, failing to spot the danger and then was happy to get it all in on board of AQ8 after i bet flop when K came on turn but my opponent was p and down on flop with 910 and i was busto and - £700 for the night.

At least no travel this week so in the UK all week and will probably play 2 multis tonight. Hopefully defend my title in the 55K :)

The horse I have a share in Fol Hollow ran well yesterday coming 3rd and hopefully will pick up a win as flat season draws to a close. Unfortunately my other horse got a fatal injury due the week - RIP.

Good Luck all.

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