Wednesday, October 01, 2008


I could not get in the EPT sat last night as already had a waiting list of 30 on top of the 120 max capacity :(

So just went across and watched a show and then headed back to WSOPE to watch the bubble burst - 37th gets 0 and 36th gets £25K so quite a bubble. I had met James Keys this week who seemed a sound bloke and he was 38 of 38 when I arrived and mega low. However 2 all ins at the same time on 2 other tables and both flips went his way so he won £25K. Great result James well done.

I am on the train now heading back - enjoyed the experience although frustated I had to play the short stack for almost 2 days which limited how mych play I could make. However, have been on the same table as J Juanda, A Bloch, G Smith, C Mortgenson and a few other Full Tilt / Cardrunners pro's. Also was on tv table for 30 mins or so so got experince of the camera's / mike's etc.

To be honest I was not very nervous and quite enjoyed the exeprience although never really been in a good position (best was 25K during last level on day 1).

Thanks to Betfair (especially Paul) for their hospitality at the event and good luck to any Betfair players still batting.

I think Elliot30 is still going well although don't know him personally but play a lot of the same games on Betfair.

My other bad beat was on day 1 bust the button on my trousers within 1 hr and had to walk round the whole day with hands in pockets to stop my troosers from dropping LOL (you fat ******* !!)

Anyway - may play the Gala event at Teeside later in Oct for some more experience) - now 0 from 4 in big tournies but getting further and further into day 2 so guess progressing. I think i finished about 150th of 360 or so.

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TEAMDOBB said...

Well done mate, good stuff. Few of usgoing to Teeside so plenty company from NPF and big rail if resulting.