Saturday, October 25, 2008


Just reviewed my target for the year from 1st post and provided an update. Looks like most are in the bag barring some disasters - however would love to make the cash n a decent buy in even if its just beating the bubble - CPC would do !!!

Ok first and foremost I know my job / career needs to take priority in the first half of the year and I have major project go lives in April and July hence sometimes have split aims into 1st and 2nd half of year.

Above was true as my volume is down loads - but right priority as got my promo earlier in year.

1) Win £18k in the year (7K 1st 6 months / 11k 2nd 6 months) - reason for split is just simply I think I can do a lot more volume in later half of year which results in more rake and hopefully profit.

This is well and truly nailed.

2) As last year qualify for one major live event (restricted in 1st half of year as cant really get time off) - targets will be UK GPT at Newcastle, CPC and Aussie millions for Jan 09.

Also nailed - qualified for 3 GUKPTS, WSOPE and CPC.

3) Make 6k in year at no limit cash.

Not sure on this one - it aint my strongest game but working on getting better - hopefully am in profit but need to check how much as very spewy / swingy.

4) Break even at fixed limit (profit from rake)

Will check but now gave up on FL as bonus hunting not as important to me now as results in MTT's have been going well. I now play $25 $50 table the odd time on a weekend with mixed results.

5) Create a list of players whos table you want to sit at for NL cash.

Done but waste of time as everyone else must have same list as I am always like 9 of 9 in waiting list for table !!!

6) Make top 3 on a Betfair leaderboard in the year at either STT or MTT.

Leaderboards now stopped although relaunched for STT but no chance as Punterz wins these by a mile every month. I am going to tick this one off though as if the leaderboards had not been cancelled then one month i would have pished the MTT leaderboard as won the 16K, the 20K and 2nd in the 55K within the same month as well as some smaller multi wins.

Can't beat myself up this year - have to also say I can count on 1 hand the number of times I have tilted in the year which is mega pleasing.

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Anonymous said...

Hehe some ambitious goals there, that's the spirit! And indeed: Tilting is a crime ;) Like you blog, grtz, Q