Sunday, October 12, 2008


I just had one of them cash sessions where you seem to read about only if you are on receiving end.

Littlewoods has moved to a new platform and I deposited £250 for a short session of 5 10 NL where I would leave if lost my buy in. I was all in early on a bluff and fortunatley my opponant was up and down and missed so my bluff won.

I then progressed to get loads of set up hands of me v 2 pair aces v high pairs and a few river suck outs (always v same player). I also played very well at times in the session once I had the whole table covered which has given me some encouragement to start buying in for the full amount as I felt i played better then.

Anyway to cut a long story short my £250 got me about $400 and after 2 hrs i left my single table cash game with over $5000 dollars. Definitely the most i have won at a cash table in one session when i am not in spin up mode (won more at 10 20 in spin up mode but ultimate loser at them stakes).

I like many other bloggers would have written the session up in minutes if was on the receiving side but have pushed myself to write it up on good side also.


Now to ride the tide - I am buying some Barclays and HBOS shares. They probably drop this week again when rescue announced but seriously can they be worth a 1/5th of what they were a few months ago -

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