Thursday, April 02, 2009


Wow what a roller coaster - had a massive recovery this month and eventually sold Barclays at 20% profit after losing a fortune at one stage.

Overall I am still a small loser over the last 6 months on shares but my portfolio had massively out performed the market. However Barclays was > 40% of my total shares so now have much less cash invested in them.

I still think the stock market is a good place to put your cash at the moment as banks paying nothing and may look around at weekend for a new stock.


James P McAteer said...

Hi. Interesting blog. Read a few posts and started to think you must be making your living at this caper but saw that you also have a job. Wondered if becoming a full time gambler / investor / poker player is your goal? GL.

Poker play the Soap way said...

Not really would consider it a full time job if had to do it and quite enjoy my job.