Friday, April 24, 2009


For 1st time since 3rd of the month I just got out a big hole for April when won at cash for the 5th night in last 6 to put my nose a few peanuts in front for the month. I have had some months when have made loads but to be honest this means a lot to me personally to get out the hole.

I have played more disciplined, put the hours in and respected the game again to get out the hole. On top of that obviously I have ran better also and have been profitable at both NLHE and PLO over the last few days and really switiching between them to avoid any boredam or complacency.

Have booked a week in Spain from Sunday so 90% certain not to be playing poker from Sat till end of month. This weeks golf choices are Justin Rose and Kerry Pery - for them it will be get in the hole !!!

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BH said...

Good skills mate - now just to bag a multi win and then it'll be like 2008 again all over...