Thursday, August 16, 2007

ANOTHER 16K :( What a frustarting day

Been off work sick with a virus and feel even sicker now.

Got out of bed for poker played 16k up there all the way.

Was 2nd when ran QQ into KK sb v bb to dent me but then sick again.

Lost 2 50 50's v small stacks with 16 or so left and then pick QQ with 12 left and someone pushes all in ahead of me with 66 so I call for almost 30k pot and to put me bang in it for big pay day.

Flop comes the 6 and out - no unlucky or sorry from other player to add insult to injury.

Not my month on the poker but know i played well tonight. I also bubbled in the 4.5k gtd coming 6th with 5 paid so am seething right now.

On plus side had nice night on soccer - layed Reading for 2 ton when 1 0 up at 11-10 and backed Fabregas 1st goal at 16-1.

Hopefully can shift this virus soon as cant afford days off as soooo busy and have week off next week which I would like to keep.

Chin up soap your luck will hopefully change on the poker :)

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Spudy said...

Could you link me up please?
Ive done likewise.