Wednesday, September 07, 2011


Cashed in a stars World Champioship of Poker event last night but was a min cash.

Was basically in it by mistake as had been playing stas then unreg and take tourmey dollars with intention of building up to play a decent sized buy in one but at a weekend. However my startegy cocked up when I qualified for the 1050$ buy in event but only when the sat finished after the main event had already started so launched me straigt into the tourney.

This was basically an all nighter from 1-pm till 6am and i just failed to make day 2 - however been goosed all day and to be honest you cannot be in full time graft and play these through the week.

Not very exciting - built a stack then lost half of it and was always in bottom 1/3rd of field so just sat tight till got paid and then lost my first all in afterwards when short (KT into AJ)- got $2200 from a 300$ s

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