Monday, September 26, 2011


On the chop below the deal negotiations were quite funny and first time I had been involved online.

Basically with 6 left they wanted a deal on chip counts and there was no way I was taking that (as was 6th) but we came to a break so I let them do the math. They all wanted a deal except me so I let them all agree and then I said I would only deal if they each gave me an extra 125$ each.

Surprisingly all agreed except the worst player on the table who refused as meant I got the same as him depsite him having over 50% more chips. Anyway at end of it I just put "no deal - all i wanted to do was stop you all taking a leak in the break as I didn;t need one" :)

2 callers when i shoved next hand after break with AAxx was probably no coincidence!!

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