Monday, February 20, 2012


Managed to get a tourney game of hold em in today (215$) on stars and to be honest this was last game I could afford before hitting £3K stop loss for month :(

That's the first of 2 bits of bad news, the 2nd is I just lost a flip with AQ versus 55 with 6 left to go 3rd of 6. Prizes were 28k$ 20k$ and 15k$ for top 3 but unfortunately i exited 6th for $6600.

Not going to twist about losing the race though as I ran pretty awesome during the tourney and won 3 or maybe 4 all ins from behind including 2 when Ax dominated by higher Ax and only remember getting one bad beat.

Just checked was 795 runners hence why prizes were decent.

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Deucesofclub said...

good work mate...its always bitter sweet to not take it down...