Friday, February 09, 2007


Sorry for lack of updates but any I had done would be boring. Its a break even month so far about £700 profit all of which is rakeback. Im away on business for a week from tomorrow so wont be playing at all till Feb 20+.

Looks like uninteresting month and hopefully I can have a good last week to hit my targets for month. The downside is I will have hardly any rakeback coming in March which usually is my start playing bank for the month. Im booking Vegas at the moment for May so funds will be low might have to go to low stakes grinding.

Back in a week..... GL


United113 said...

What site do you play and what rakeback do you get? I'm looking for a half decent rakeback deal?

Poker play the Soap way said...

I play Interpoker 32% rake via rake the rake details top right of my blog.

Dusk till dawn 30% rake just click on banner at top of my blog - benefit is takes debit card