Sunday, February 04, 2007



Down v short early when my queens lost to jacks that hit trips on turn - i just flat called but less than 1k left from 2.5k start. Struggled back to 2k over next hr but never in position eventually out when pushed with ace ten to pick up blinds and called by 10 10 in BB and missed.


108 runners 5 prizes 1 wsop seat then 6k 3k 2k 1k down to 5th.

I chip led this after 30 mins but then cards dryed up for 2 hrs - i kept pushing all in with nothing to pick up blinds and survive.

I get to 11 left in 7th but need double up to be in top 5. My blind had been stole a lot as no hand to play back - I decided I was going to make a play v small blind. All folded to small blind - antes 2k sb 400 me bb 800 and I had 11k him 17k - he raises to 2400 from BB and I push all in for 11k trying to pick up 4k profit on hand. He thinks till clock gos down to 1 sec and calls with Ace 3 ( i hate this call ) - I have K 9 and an ace on flop sends me out. Bit gutted but asked a few people and they think my play is ok so feel a bit better.

Always next time ............ ( I HOPE )

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