Friday, July 13, 2012


Played 3 multis this week on stars and cashed in them all with 2 final tables.

200$ 30K Gtd I was 4th of 400 for $4k ($10K up top)
100$ 30K Gtd I was 9th of just under 400 for 700$

First decent results for a while and also had few winning sessions in row on PLO till lost 2 buy ins tonight.

In other news- I seen Ben the Fish Holmes recently and asked him if he was playing on the poker stars app. In short his reply was just the micros when having a shit and then proceeded to tell me he is getting destroyed at 0.1 0.2 whilst shitting.

Hence just for Ben I have created  a mew measure for him.

Your loss per shit rate is 0.75$ - hope this helps.

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