Sunday, July 15, 2012


Just when was going well...............

Sat night playing the 300$ 100K gtd - think was 28 left and 27 paid (summit like that). I have top 10 stack and face a shove from possy 2 in front of me - the shove size looked like the kind of shove that cant be strong and its a more I did not know what to do type shove.

Anyway I reshove AK and come up against 10J - flop 10 J  Q river 10 and then shove next hand into better ace on BB to go out on bubble.

Sun night - playing 200$ Sunday Warm Up and get big stack early on. Right on bubble with 400 of 4000 or so left and i raise in cut off with 97 hearts and BB calls (he also has decent stack). Flop 10 8 5 (2 hearts) and we basically get stacks in - him calling off my 4 bet shove with J T and i miss the lot to go top 10 stack  :(

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