Thursday, October 22, 2009


I would be mega depressed.

Poker is awful every time I get on - playing bad and running bad is a bad combo.

Then last night I really really fancied 0 0 in Man U game but decided to hedge bets a little. However, game is middle of night over here so I did not play in running.

Had big bet draw 9-4
decent bet draw Ht draw FT 9-2
and decent bet no goalscorer 9-1

If had been up I could have traded for a very decent win :( and see 0 1 Valencia 86 first thing today :(

This is definitely the month I have lost the most big blinds at cash and trhe fact I have made a profit is really ridiculous as had that 1 good day at higher stakes when taking a shot - not sure what next move is - maybe it should be just enjoy the travels and don't log on even when get the chance, especially as don't have time to play mutis.

However, few things I have decided on are as follows.

1) Will no longer play Laddies unless they give me same deal my mates have.
2) I heard there is a skin when you can change alias every week, I hope this is true as I want an account their if so - is it Cake poker anyone know? - to beat the poker robots.
3) I need a leakfinder session booked as soon as I get back - Ben / Brennan get diaries free for last weekend in Nov as I am doing something bad !!!
4) I now know whatever happened to me work wise in future I am pretty positive I could never ever be a poker pro, lack discipline, excitement and becomes a "job".

Hope everyone is well - loving my trip and none of the above gets me down in the real world. However, this is a poker blog so my duty to say whats going on in my poker world.

We leave Borneo today, then 3 days Singapore, 1 day back in Bangkok then fly to Sydney - its not all bad :D


BH said...

Just enjoy the travels mate, you can play poker for the rest of your life, and as you never plan on quitting work there should be no pressure on you now to put the hours in to see if you'd like to do it full time.

I think it would be a good idea for the 3 of us to sit down and talk poker, but I wouldn't count on us providing magic solutions - we're still more likely to be looking at you for advice!

Anonymous said...

you can change your name weekly on cake, = 33% weekly rakeback thru most affiliates.

Nice blog, well written.