Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Ok last day of our awesome 2 month Asia / Oz trip today and the journey home starts at 1030PM tomorrow night - Direct from Perth to Dubai and then Dubai to Newcastle. I had ringfenced some money I had made from poker for the trip and the good news is my budgeting was pretty much spot on, the bad news is that we were not under budget hence I will have limited resources when I get home. I have to say I have really enjoyed a break from poker and have played less than 100 hands in November. Cheers to Ben / Brenos for the forget poker advice !!

I come back to a new role within the company i work for which will be my priority, however I need to start to think what I am going to attack at poker as will be first time for many a year when I do not have a decnt roll for it. My current thinking is just to hit a few multis on the night I play and try and pick up a score before Xmas.

Anyway looking foward to the cold and rain and ice .....

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rubbish said...

Been reading your travel blog and looks like you had a real blast. Jeez, those two months have gone quick.
All the best.