Monday, February 22, 2010


Before the 75 mins things were good, won last night on cash that covered multi buy ins and doubled buy in in 1st cash game tonight.


- 100 rebuy *s 5 buy ins / rebuys / top up then busted v top pair sh1t kicker !!!
- lost a full buy in at NL1000 checking top pr flop then bet calling his made str8 turn !!!
- Then lost 600 in 3 hands at FL - 2 to huge suckouts / pathetic plays that then check raise river for max value when hit ridic outs !!!!

For first time in mega long time I felt the tilt urges so turned work pc on to avoid poker and just entered 100 sat to a 500 event for next few hrs which will play when working.

Tiltmonster nearly came out !!!!!!

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SnipeR said...

to understand why u nearly went on tilt stick some more details in, nearly a good read ;-] at the felt ...