Monday, September 27, 2010


I have not updated much lately, things looking good at home with Zoe back to full fitness and we are going to take her up the coast for a few days although weather looks like rain rain rain.

I have backed a few players recently on 2+2 or mates and have done well on returns from Brenos getting me 2K after his 5th in English Open and I also got shipped 1K from swordfish007 for his similar size cash in WSOP. I played this up last night backing 2 people in the WCOOP main event (5200 buy in) and I bought 5% and 20% in 2 players. The former has busted but the latter is well positioned with just over 15% of the field left at end of day 1.

Playing wise then I played much less often but at higher stakes and have been holding my own in the games I have played, I got some real nice spots when i chipped up which you tend to forget apart from when your on the wrong side of them (example me AA SB and BB has QQ) which has given me a few $ to play my not so normal game.

Looking like it will be a decent month profit wise when add above together, a major cash by my horse in the WSOOP could blow the month out the water as top 3 in the tourney all get over a million $.

Still waiting for the Brenos EPO celebration part with his Gold card behind the bar.................................

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TEAMDOBB said...

let me know when the card arrives