Thursday, August 23, 2012


I had an interesting main event.

30K start stacks and I lost AK suited v QQ for 60K pot midway through day 1, leaving me nursing a 5K stack. 24 hrs later on day 2 I had a 95K stack with the average stack 50K and was going / playing well when I got moved tables to a much more aggressive table.

I played a hand poor giving over 20K away and then my exit hand was basically 10 7 of clubs, I re raised the button from the small blind, flopped a flush draw on K95 flop (2 clubs) and put a decent sized continuation bet in, then on a 7 turn i shoved my stack in as pot sized bet, villain dwelled for 10 mins but made call with KQ and riv was a Q and I was over and out.

I final tabled the PLO in the Estrella's event coming 8th for 900EUR. Was pleased with my EPT effort although disappointed with the final table I was at, and also 24 hrs later they were almost in the cash with 160th paying 8KEUR.

I did an interview with Poker Stars when there - link below.


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