Monday, December 24, 2007


Player Stars 0.5 million gtd which i qualified vi 39$ sat had ace 4 v ace 3 on a 4 3 q board got them all in he had ace 3 river a 3 - out.

Ladbrokes - player their rebuy thing got myself a decent stack but out midway through running 2 big hands into bigger hands - no complaints.

Betfair 50k - again qualified via a 50$ sat. Picked up KK 2nd hand few limpers raised quite big one called flop jack high all spades - no spade turn and king river - I bet pot each street he had ace 6 spades left me with 500 chips from starting 5000. Anyway had my share of luck in getting 500 to 20k with 20 left and picked up KK reraised all in and opponant folded getting me safely in cash. However, bit annoyed as came 13th and didnt give it a chance to get a decent hand - i raised fold with a mid ace then pushed next hand with nothing running into KK. Finished 13th for 600$.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all readers a Happy Xmas. Its been a good year for me poker wise and I will review the year and look at 2008 aims in the upcoming week or so.

PS Fat Sam - toon are pap sort it out - I will give you some help for when all fit !!!

Given, Beye, Capaca, Faye, NZogbia, Duff (left), Butt, Emre, Milner(right), Owen, Fat Viduka 442

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