Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Played the 11k on Betfair which was 3k undr gtd amount after been round family etc.

Only 9 paid rather than usual 18 but as a result prizes started high with approx 400$ for 9th. Was top 3 all the way but dropped back approaching ft and all of a sudden I was 9th of 10.

Anyway sb raises I push all in with nothing he folds and Im back to 6th or so and safe for cash. Then next hand I do something stupid. I raise in cut off with jack nine and get a call from big blind. Flop 9 6 3 and he says I have pocket pair Im warning you before betting out. I 100% believed he had pocket pair but thought he would have re raised preflop with better than 9s so I reraised all and he shows jacks and Im gone on bubble.

Pretty sure if I had typed which pocket pair he probably would have said. Anyway annoyed i raised the hand after I got safe should have just passed.

Never mind I was going for win as usual and took about £1k last night late on so not a bad xmas.

I am thinking of playing a £200 tourny at Aspers Newcastle tomorrow but at work the next day and have a feeling will be an all night job so need to decide tomorrow.

Unhappy end to my xmas - but thats poker.

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