Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Just a cheapie donk fest on Betfair tith 100 or so runners. I basically was top 3 all the way through and got to heads up with decent chip lead.

Was all in three times with chip lead - 1st 2 times behind and 40 / 60s.

Then I have tiny chip lead and both all in me Q Ten suited versus a dubious call by him with Q 7 - flop 886 and I am gutted with turn 6 meaning splt but not as gutted as river 7.

Anyway 1st 1500$ 2nd 1000$ so hopefully will be my cheapest ever bad beat heads up and I get my luck in a 10k difference one !!!

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Small Stakes Poker said...

close call , get it next time

Mtt win 3rd on priority list at mo
a) Newcastle safe
b) Mackems down