Monday, May 18, 2009


Got stuck at work tonight hence didnt have time to get Newcastle to play the opening GUKPT event which was a £200 freeze out. I then logged on line with the aim to win £330 to pay for tomorrows event. I was in for 1000 and in a 700 hole with only 300 left at one stage on NL600 however I recovered from a couple of suck outs versus me to leave with 1500 and a £450 profit on night so mission accomplished.

Should make it for the £330 double chance tomorrow which is 7000 chips and 2 day event with a decent structure. Would be interested how many runners for opening event if someone could let me know.


Sacked it off again I heard they play till 330AM - no good for the working man !!

FFS wish I had gone - get totally sick cash hand where i land the card I think i need to get pay off and overshove for 1200 pot and get insta called by nut flush v my 2nd nuts - if i don hit this card my bluff on riv would have won pot.

Then get big stack early in 20K Gtd - and get it all in versus anothe reasonable stck me KK him AK and he sucks out for pot that would give me chip lead.


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