Sunday, June 27, 2010


The run good / play good combo has gone and have dropped over 4K in last week. On top of that I was having my worst sports month ever until i had a decent bet on the plate winner that reduced the deficit by 2/3 rds.

No movements on the home front and the Mrs is now overdue, and with spineless England now out then I have told her that its "time for the feet to hit the street" :).

Engalnd were so bad today that I cant be rsed to even blog about it but I think it would be fair to say with the exception of A Cole and maybe D James every single one of them has beenan absolute disgrace at this world cup.


Unknown said...

tough week that sucks.. im in an up one day down the next mode wierd for me im usually on a run for a week then off... anyway i was wanting to mention your blog and get a return link and a follow hows that sound to ya?

Benny said...

Gotta say that i thought Gerrard did okay at teh WC, and Lampard was actually alright in the last game. Overall thought they were a laod of rubbish, and that includes the manager but supposedly the best player, ROOOOOONEY, who was beyond bad!