Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I have bought shares in 4 or 5 people in WSOP. 4 of which I do not know and they are just youung US kids from 2+2 whos stats online impressed me, obviously small risk of not getting paid expecially in light of recent days events!!!

Anyway - one of them is playing about 5 or 6 of the 1000 / 1500 buy in events and he has made day 3 with 50 odd left so fingers crossed. However, he was responsible for my favourite twitter post yet below, I just happended to check status between the two and assumed he had made a typo.

GGWP and GL today !!!!

oh yeah river was a 7 and my stack is at 52k.

about 21 hours ago via mobile web .

fml jammed over a button open to 2.5k from bb with 77 for 25k effective, villain had JJ board was Q446
about 21 hours ago via mobile web


Wont be getting rich :(

Busted out jamming Q7s from button into BB's AA.
10 minutes ago via mobile web .Starting in 30 mins with a fresh table draw. 38 left and 220k avg stack

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woodie said...

lol gl to you both!