Wednesday, June 13, 2007


OK only had 300$ left in betfair account and decided that my aim for night was to qualify er for the 530$ 6 shooter - so i played 5 10 nl cash and made it to 550 literally 2 mins before the tourny started allowing me to buy in which started well.

15 entries 7.5k$ pot and with 8 left I pick up KJ on SB when 6th of 8 left I raised and get reraised all in by BB and think for a few seconds and accurately put my opponent highstacks on a ace non pic kicker so decide to gameble. My jack hits and I double up to get me into the tourny.

I get up to 2nd with 3 left then call a raise with KQ suited v the small stack. Flop comes KK4 and i check he bets all in and I call and win v AA. This was a bit lucky also as I prob call if board read K44 also. I then get heads up - 3750$ winner and 2250$ 2nd and real want to chop however I have never seen the player before so couldn't really. He then disconnected for 2 hands but got back quickly :(.

To be honest I played poor heads up but got back to even before I blew it. He had been much the aggressor and the blind levels went up I wanted to change this. I came over the top with 1010 and he folded and I tryed to do the same a few hands later when he raised to 2k and i pushed in for 11k with a weak ace. He called with JJ and held up and I came 2nd for 2250$.

Disappointed with my play heads up but happy with cash as could easily have gone out in hand v Highstacks ( Sorry Highstacks ).

Maybe I should play 10 mins cash every night see if I can make 200$ ;) !!

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