Sunday, June 03, 2007


4 hours in and I lose a race - to be fair could have called then folded flop but I play to win.
Bit pished off with his call but guess with his stack he can call and hope for race.
I was 14 of 22 when I went out and 18 paid :(

He raised to 6k with 44 and I pushed for 24k with AK. 18k to call into 34K pot. Played this 3 times now finished 18-35 every time of 150 runners.

On footy front sounds like Barton in Parker out.

ON poker front in Germany again this week and prob more weeks in June again eating up my play time which I aint happy about. Bring back the old job with nice hours and little travel :) !!!

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Small Stakes Poker said...

How many days till Joey gives Kieron a slap ;)

gl gl