Saturday, June 30, 2007


First and foremost an exceptional month although mainly from cash games that I am just finding my way in. I made a big profit at cash but know that I have had some favouable positions this month eg overset v underset etc a few times. Im pleased with my game but know I wont make this kind of cash in many months.

10 seater -55
6 Paks1971
Poker Profit 8030


1) Nl cash project going very well feel like learning while making profit.

2) FL game - which used to be my cash cow but has been awful this year returned to a very healthy profit helped by a great run of cards at £10 £20.

3) Won 2 multis

4) 6 Pak game remains mega solid.


1) coming 4th in 16k when joint leader with 4 left 3rd and 4th a mile back.

2) winning 2 multis and still losing 4 figs in multis in month.

3) I have had chip lead numerous times with 30 left in multi in month and in all but 1 failed to FT which I need to address.

4) Betfair gremlins coming back on the site which has been very unreliable the last 2 days and I have moved over to blue square for a lot of my poker at the moment till they sort it.

However, overall delighted with month :) :)

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