Thursday, November 02, 2006


Well it seems the poker gods have rewarded me for starting this blog and trying to help up and coming players. !!

I had my best night for a long time yesterday as you can see from my records below.

IP 6PAK 66 1st 270
IP 6PAK(T) 109 1st 450
IP 6PAK(T) 55 4th -
IP 6PAK(T) 109 3rd -
IP 6PAK 66 4th -
IP FL 10/20 WON 990

The 6paks above are 6 seater tournamants where 1st gets 75% and 2nd 25%.

6PAK(T) is a turbo where the blind levels move up quicker and this is the fastest form of poker on the net although far from the purest.

My big win came from fixed limit which is where the amount you can bet is fixed - eg you cannot raise more than a fixed amount.

Anyway - less of the winning or losing the important thing about the above is keeping records - something I have been very poor at doing for years but which my poker playing mates encouraged me to start doing.


1) To ensure you are in control of bankroll especially if depositing and withdrawing on a credit card.

2) If like me you like to play various different types of poker such as single table tounamants, multi tables ones, fixed limit and no limit. By keeping records this should let you know which of the games is your strongest and your weakest which you can act on accordingly.

3) So you know if you make or lose money at poker. Many people play for fun and lose money and that is fine but if you are serious about the game then you should know where you stand.

4) As you read in my earlier posts I started at £5 tournies and won at them levels then moved to the next level etc - by tracking tournaments it clearly shows which levels you play and which levels you win at. My advice is if you continue to win at a level say £5 stt then try moving to the next level eg £10 stt but if you lose then drop back down.

Anyway I hope that makes it clear why you should keep records and I hope I can follow my own advice.

Tonight I am going to play the 4000$ added multi tournamant on interpoker which cost 100$ to enter and they kindly add 4000$ to the prize money - its just started and they are 224 entrants and you need to make the 1st 30 to make the money !

Good luck at the tables if your playing.

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