Thursday, November 02, 2006


Ok - Just learned how to blog !! hence Im going to record my online poker story.

Background is I started online playing fixed limit and £5 single table tournaments (stt's) - I soon won a seat to the wsop which was my 1st ever live event - I went out on day 1 but last 12 hrs.

A couple of years on I have made my way up through the limits and more recently have been playing 50 or 100 stt's.

Until July this year I was 12k$ in front until i dispute with betfair over rakeback - I had not been getting this and it made me sick how much i had been mising out on. I since moved to interpoker and have lost 5k$ with beat after beat

If anyone plays poker and doesnt know about rakeback then google it and find out more - basically you should be able to get back about 30% of the rake you pay each month. I go via whos customer service is 1st class. If your a decent size player then drop me an email and I can get you a deal where earn a referral bonus that would not impact what you earn.

Also there is a website called that shows for each player there statistics of how good or bad they do at stt tournaments. I think im in a unique position of having a shark on betfair ( user name suddes ) and a fish on my current interpoker log on. You can subscribe to this service or get 6 free searches per day.

All the big players will know the above but I hope I can help out some smaller / newer players so they get to know about these things.

Anyway I hope to update the blog with stories and tips ongoing.

As a final note I noticed a player on betfair forum today called smartmoney who has made 100K$ from playing 1 2 $ NL poker. This shows it is possible and this isone of the most awesome achievements I have read about in poker.

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Brenos said...

Good read Soapy, I echo the comments you make about rakeback - If you're playing without it you're throwing money away. Hope to see some more content soon.