Sunday, November 12, 2006


Ok you and your mates are into poker and decide to have a home game what is important to make it a success.

1) Blind structure agreed before tournie starts. Either link blind increases to number of hands or to the clock.

2) Equipment - ensure you have chips a button a table that fits all + beer and snacks !!

3) Remind players - especially that dont play often of etiquette - it is common for one of them to go oh no if say KK6 flops saying i had a king and folded - obviously this gives valuable info away but they may not know they are doing wrong.

4) Keep it freindly - dont play for stakes you cant afford and make sure the crack is good - its only a game so treat it that way.

5) Enjoy it - these should be good ( hopefully cheap ) nights with your mates so ensure no petty arguments about the way people play hands.

I have a pre xmas event each year where the buy in is lowish £25 but the prestige is high. Everyone wants to win this and this year I have it on Dec 2 I will write an update on the event.

Made a small profit over the weekend and have the CPC event tonight which I will write an update on.

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