Friday, November 03, 2006


Ok in the below hand these were the stats preflop.

What is important is that you start to learn the stats both pre flop and on the flop as these are the two most important decisions you have to make.

There are various ways you can learn the stats such as :-

1) watching poker on tv where graphics indicate win % chance.
2) poker books that have some good tables in the back
3) My preferred method is online simulation of hands where you can simulate scenarios.

I have included a link to a tool I use on the right on the blog.

also here it is

Examples of stats you should know pre flop :-

Underpair v Ace high card
Ace King v Ace x ( where x is not a king or ace )
2 over cards eg A J v 2 under cards say 9 10

By learning these it can help you make decisions when someone is all in if you have odds to call etc.

Use the tool to learn these stats it will make your decision making much easier.

Also for example you have A 7 dimonds flop comes K diamonds Q diamonds 3 clubs you see your opponant has A K hearts and he gos all in - should you call - simulate it and find out.

I quite often use this tool after a hand to see if i made an error etc.

Remember though stats are only 1 part of the game - bottle heart stupidity (like me tonight in 100$) are all factors also.

a losing day today - tomorrow is another day - good luck

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