Monday, January 25, 2010


What have I, what have I ,what have I done to deserve this? (Think that was their lyrics).

Had £100 at start of season on Vikings to win conference at 10-1 and decided to let it ride for £1100 return and a bit of a bankroll in the decider ast night. If people have seen game they know the story if did not then below is ow it went.

Vikings always on top, but scores tied as they fumbled ball in good positions several times. 2 mins left on clock Vikings have ball and progress to field goal range (40 yrds), I just need this kick to probably win. They then do a penalty lose 5 yards and decide need to pass and Brett throws interception when could have scrambled 10 yards.


Firstly I am 1000-1 to win an even money toss and of course lose. Then

1) Easy pick for Vikings is dropped.
2) 4th down and 1 and ref decides they make it (50/50) and how ball does not come out is beyond me.
3) Terrible pass interference call giving home side (Saints) a field goal chance.
4) They of course convert.

I run so good it is untrue - FML - if you look at stats for game you will have thought Vikings have won by 2 or 3 TD.

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