Wednesday, January 06, 2010


Stole the peasant statement from Punterz, one of his favourite put downs I believe but really appropriate in current situation.

I don't mind at all people playing at lower stakes, I will be there very soon and this is good for game. However, almost every time i sit down on stars on a NL600 table there are a few decent stacks initially, however 3 of last 4 tables have ended up with me and 5 other people playing 120$ - it is so fkin annoying and really pishes me off that it happens. I genuinely think sites should up min BB to at least 40 on all tables, as so many of these muppets spoiling the game.

They probably all watched the same video but they cant be doing it fr rake or rakeraces either as they just shove all in. Just go to bingo with your grans you bunch of .....................



BurnleyMik said...

Cannot stand fkin ratholers mate. They can really destroy a 6-max table if there are two or more.

I know Full Tilt is going to do something about this very soon, as these guys don;t hardly pay any rake, as they don't play post flop, so with it being dealt they just sponge from the guys actually playing poker.

About time they got on top of 'em IMO.

GL fella


Poker play the Soap way said...


Just seen Laddies changed RB rules and hence rakerace rules now to be contributed individual rake - hopefully that helps them go bust also

Robert "Animal" Price said...

if u stop losing i promise to as well :(