Wednesday, January 20, 2010


OK this is note to myself probably very boring for everyone else. However, I am on such a downswing (200big blinds behind EV at cash in last 6 months and multis lose 80 20 almost every one, so here for me is what poker has given me, hopefully PMA / motivation etc will help rediscover mojo. It is so easy at the moment to get down(last hand last night ost biggest pot of the month when getting it in miles ahead).

1) Found something that I am good at !!!
2) Somewhere in the region of £150K over 4 years (about £130K since records).
3) Some fantastic trips to see world (not counting Luton in this one!!) 4 to mention that stand out Vegas for WSOP, 2 CPC - 1 at St Kitts and 1 on cruise ship where I final tabled 3 of the 4 events i played including main event then Macau last year for the APT. Wasn't a fan of Copenhagen so wont include EPT trip.
4) Some good new mates both "virtual" via Betfair forum and real life at things such as forum meet ups and the live events mentioned above.
5) I generally think it makes you better in business also, some qualities from poker are transferrable to a business environment in my opinion.
6) Some huge sense of achievement moments when qualifying for events above and when won Betfair Sunday night major tournie 3 times in a year.

Now RUN GOOD >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>. :D

GL Folks


BH said...

Nice positive post - like it.

Notice that 'home game win' can't get a mention yet :-)

Brenos said...

Very few people are able to make such a post :-)

Gogogogogogogogogo run goooooddd!

Anonymous said...

Keep your head up mate.

200 big blinds below ev over 6 months means you are practically dead on EV though?

TEAMDOBB said...

can take money off ya but cant take the experiences away cos they last forever