Saturday, January 09, 2010


Sat format was a bit stupid - no problem with the first one which was a $20 rebuy which when i qualified got you into the 530$ final. However I was a bit confused when i seen a 530$ final as i knew the buy in for the main event was only £500+£50.

Anyway once i got some chips i looked into what I was playing for and each package is worth 2100$, (dont know how, 500$ cash about 900$ buy in so must be staying in the Ritz !!!) hence 1 in 4ish got a seat. I was chip leader early and then just closed up shop as had big stack to my left and felt i could fold to a seat. This is what i did but I had to fold for about 90 mins.

Anyway pretty pleased with this as wanted to play one of the events and i played at Manchester last year and I quite liked it. It is Feb 11 to Feb 14 and my birthday is Feb 13th so hopefully a few may fancy a weekend in Manchester. Was just about to send Ben a mail asking if fancied it and then worked out the chances he is allowed to be away on Valentines day from his lass at about 0.235% :D

(Will find a new target for gags for rest of month Ben) :D

Anyway if anyone fancies it give me a shout. Full details on below link


Other game I played is my fav tourney, the 300$ Sat night multi on stars, i countinue to run sick in big multis though - exit coming when i was AIPF with AK sooted v AJ off suit versus a total donk


Robert "Animal" Price said...

n1 mate u never know remind me closer to event. think i read sommat way back saying the exchange rate they used on packages at a certain point is now fixed and obviously changed since so package aint worth as much as should be if u get my drift :(

Wildcat said...

Great result, wd!

£500 is worth about $800 at current rates, so someone somewhere is raking it in!

Brenos said...

Wpwp congrats on the package :-)

And nice work on the cash comeback!

Poker play the Soap way said...

Cash come back is off :(

FlopIt... said...

Was defo up for this myself but going away to finland. gl mate!

TEAMDOBB said...

got a £500 ticket to use so may join you but wont decide tll nearer date m8

Poker play the Soap way said...

OK m8 - train is cheapish and can have fw beers on way down / back and casino is very nice although a bit away from centre is less desirable area !!