Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Went deep in Mansion big field again finishing 40th of 600 but only for $300 - lost 2 races in last 30 mins and then was all in AQ v KK v 55 and give a fist pump as i flopped an ace however turn brought the 5 and i was gone - I guess KK guy is more pished off. This was a rebuy and i only had 1 rebuy and forgot to top up so made $200.

Then I played some free games on poker stars. I had quite a few poker points and tryed to use them up to qualify for some events.

I played a 1000 FPP multi which 7 qualified for another freeroll to MonteCarlo when 1 in 120 win a package. I won this 1st leg by a mile but unfortunately 1 in 10 won through so it made no odds I was chip leader by a country mile as 7 won through. Next round is Dec 9.

I also played a free qualifyer for the stars million with points which was basically a single table and winner gets entry into the million. I won this worth 520$ for Sunday but I am off to St Kitts so have unregistered and took the tourny dollars so I can play other tournies in the future. This is another great featured on Pokerstars which is buy far the best poker site in the world in my opinion however dosnt do rakeback and suffers from the most number of observer beggars in the world even at the non cash tables i was playing !!!

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