Friday, November 16, 2007


Quite simply awesome.

I was invited to the platinum club at Interpoker about 1 year ago due to the numer of mpp's I generate mainly from fixed limit. Basically you need to do 8000 MPP's in a month to get into the plat club. Once in once you do 8000 every 2-3 months you are probably OK.

During the year I have 3 or 4 times had credits placed on my account due to inconvenience of disconnections etc. In addition they always sort out anything you mail them about within 24 hrs - nothing is too difficult.

Once a month they have freerolls etc for plat club only and for example last night they had a 2k added tourney with only 20 runners. For things such as St Kitts they have sorted everything for me and for the additional packages won on my account there was no issue at all in me giving this to someone else or talking a cash alternative.

Contrast this against the customer service at one of my other favourite sites at Betfair it is like chalk and cheese. I never reached VIP status at Betfair but for everyone else the customer service is shite - I m still waiting for clothing etc from 6 months ago and any issue takes them an age to make a decision and resolve.

They probably dont care but if anyone from Betfair reads this then they could do well to follow the Interpoker example. For people at Interpoker - Nadine etc - keep up the awesome sercice.

Yours in poker - soap

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