Saturday, November 24, 2007

Nov Poker P+L

I will include St Kitts results in Dec even if play in Nov so I can update before go. Note this month was break even but I have cashed my 6k$ passport stamps to let me enter some events in St Kitts and that makes up the below profit. I never included them previous so include them once they have a £ value.

No Limit-550
6 Pak206
H Up-344


Multi form is good and I am going deep in huge runner events without hitting massive cashes.

Rakeback and bonus was good (wont be next month)


Fixed limit results back to being awful - I will do year P+L and add fixed limit and rakeback to check if that is paying way during my Xmas break from work.

No Limit - Im not a good player at no limit but really want to improve - Im going to invest some significant time into doing my research on no limit before I start playing it more serious. I think I need to move from 1 table to multi table sto make sure I am not bored.

Multis - had some bad luck deep in multis - but won my share of races to get there - I will play a couple of events at St Kitts and hopefully can get a cash.

Anyway off to London tomorrow then St kitts Monday. I cashed my passport stamps for the trip but will mainly just play STT if available plus some sats for main event and probably the 1000$ event. I cant bring myself to hand over $6k cash so would need to win a 200$ sat to get in. However, my wife is coming with me and we have had a stressful year in our respective works and 1 week on the beach sounds delicious.

Also thanks to Dibble for helping me out a coupls of times during the month.

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