Thursday, November 01, 2007


6 Pak-108
Bonus / Rakeback669
Fixed Limit1000
Multi 2397
PROFIT £2903


1) The fixed limit back to basics to stop the rot experiment went well. A 4 figure profit plus nearly all my rake is because of that overall.

2) I feel like I have had more bad beats in multis as you know as I have twisted all month than in any other month but still a decent profit overall. Of course my 4th in the 40k is basically my profit for the month.

3) Captaining the winning team in the Betfair forum team was a high for me - not from a $ perspective but from a pride perspective.

4) After 2 losing months its nice to get back in profit and get back on target for 9 winning months from 12 which was my aim at start of the year (8 from 10 at moment)


1) Another 4 figure loss at No limit a game i dont feel i have mastered in any shape or form.

2) I played an awful lot of hours for the above return which at times was difficult.

I am at the CPC later in November and unless I win a satellite either before (I am in the final on Sunday where 1 in 30 win a seat) or in the sats in St Kitts then I will be using the trip simply as a holiday. My project management role is the most stressful of any role I have ever done before and see a weeks break as most important thing for me at the moment.

My mate Brennan lost heads up in the CPC qualify er on Sunday on the river which was hard to watch - hopefully he can strike in the last week.

Reminder to all that there is a huge freeroll for CPC seats on Sunday Nov 8th on Chrpto as long as you have 20000 mpps to spend.

Good luck and thanks for reading.

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