Monday, June 08, 2009


This year continues to be sick in the big pots against the opponants who I feel have made incorrect calls. I know him and he has a big stack which means he can make the call but I think 90% of the time he will have 3 outs in this situation and the odds they get are not attractive enough to make the call if that is the case. Mostthetime my range will be JJ QQ KK or AK AQ and only TT when he is 50 50. There was 16 left in the 66K from 100 and odd (18 paid) - below to go 3rd and with a genuine chance for the big money.

***** Betfair Poker Hand History for Game 532743335 *****
NL Texas Hold'em $500 Buy-in + $10 Entry Fee, Level:15 Blinds(600/1,200-120 ante) - Sunday, June 07, 22:02:12 GMT 2009
Weekly $66,000 GTD New Breed Challenge #249589
Table 1 9-max (Real Money)
Seat 3 is the button
Total number of active players : 8
Seat 1: wgarvin ( 35,841.92 )
Seat 2: squares ( 22,408.50 )
Seat 3: Robbie59 ( 20,378 )
Seat 4: MonkeyWorld ( 29,172.65 )
Seat 5: suddes ( 18,845 )
Seat 6: phounder ( 68,743.56 )
Seat 8: pullking ( 41,385.51 )
Seat 9: The Klup ( 72,814.25 )
Tourney Level:15 Blinds(600/1,200-120 ante)
Robbie59 posts ante [120]
MonkeyWorld posts ante [120]
suddes posts ante [120]
phounder posts ante [120]
The Klup posts ante [120]
pullking posts ante [120]
wgarvin posts ante [120]
squares posts ante [120]
MonkeyWorld posts small blind [600]
suddes posts big blind [1,200]
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to suddes [ Qd, Qh ]
phounder folds
pullking folds
The Klup raises to [3,200]
wgarvin folds
squares folds
Robbie59 calls [3,200]
MonkeyWorld folds
suddes goes all-in
suddes raises to [18,725]
The Klup calls [15,525]
Robbie59 folds
** Showdown **
suddes shows [ Qd, Qh ]
The Klup shows [ Ac, Jc ]
** Dealing Flop ** [ 2c, 5c, 9c ]

** Dealing Turn ** [ 4s ]
** Dealing River ** [ 3d ]
** Hand Conclusion **
The Klup wins 42,210 from main pot with a Flush

Have 10% in someone left hopefully that runs better than me.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Soap

Sorry to hear you are still running bad in big multis, though you may have a rival on that score after my last few weeks.

Klup seems to have something against me, so I am no fan. But I will defend him and this call looks fine to me.

I can't know your range as well as yourself, but surely you will push with the likes of 88. It is probably correct to push with a much wider range than that, as klup does raise a lot in these MTTs.

So the fact tis hand is towards the top of his range also means he should call a lot.

15k to get 27k and a big stack and it looks almost an insta call in his shoes.