Sunday, June 28, 2009


I have had a great month at PLO at 3/6 levels - I only 1 table or 2 max but profits have been awesome consider i only 1 table. I know I am 5 times better than I used to be at PLO and feel quite often I now have an edge when I sit. I noted lately that if it has got short handed then people have sat out which may be a sign I have got much better or just simply then do not like short handed play.

I also have ordered my 1st book on PLO as I enjoy it much more than hold em and don't consider it a chore to play at all. On the negative side multis are still terrible and I wonder if I have genuinely got bad at them after spending so much time on cash.

Anyway - this will be my best non multi winning profit month I think - figures to follow in a few days, although have done a fortune on sports (again!!)

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