Monday, June 29, 2009


Total Package Value: $8,000
Package Dates: 17th August - 24th August 2009
Tournament Entry: $4000+ $300 into Main Event
Accomodation: 5 nights accommodation and breakfast at the Rio Hotel and Casino in Macau.
Travel Expenses: Up to $2330 expenses for flights and spending (depending on current conversion rates)
Location: Macau

Who fancies it :) !!!


Amatay said...

weeeee, well done Mark

TEAMDOBB said...

weeeee well done Mark. Macau is awesome

BH said...

me me me me me - I fancy it!!!! (might be able to get time off work now too) :-)

Well played mate, congrats. Hope this puts an end to your talk of 'I'm rubbish at multis'.

Matt said...

well done :)
I was at the APT in Philippines in Feb, the FHM pool party was the highlight! :)

Brenos said...

Congrats :-)


Poker play the Soap way said...

ty all

bout time i luckboxed in a live event brenos - prob take me longer to get there again :)