Saturday, June 20, 2009


Loaded 1/2 a buy in at 10 20 tonight on a spin up late on when one very weak player joined the table and had 2 of the biggest pots I have been in for a long time - it ended up a score draw but I think I won on away goals ;) !!!!

1st hand I have 99 have raised and big stack flats then the short stacker shoves for 40 odd BB and I raise to try and get rid of flatter who then shoves. I am 100% sure he has AK so call and its 99 v AK v KQ so I am in good shape and a 9 flops and I ship a pot between 3 and 4K.

10 mins later similar scenario. I have raised with another genuine hand (AK) one smooth call and then short stacker shoves (different one for 400), I shove all in to isolate but guy behind playing 1200 who had flatted for 60 now flats for his 1200 stack. Anyway 3k pot which when turned over is me AK v 1010 v QT (small stack) flop comes QJ and hands are not turned over and I am saying 10 not knowing I only have 1 10 i can hit. Any A or K would have done but was not to be.

However decent profit on night so pleased overall and playing pretty good especially reading opponants hands well.

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