Sunday, June 07, 2009


As a few know I have been playing cash more this year and this has mainly been on Ladbrokes poker site that was recommended by Brenos. My volume was enough to qualify for the VIP club and soon after I got an invite to the derby as did Ben and Brennan and we were allowed to take a guest. The Mrs and I travelled down with the afore mentioned on Friday night and part of the VIP package was accommodation at a 4 * hotel in Victoria London which was very nice. Anyway had a few beers Friday night and woke up slightly rough Sat.

However, i quickly got rid of feeling rough an what has to be one of the best VIP events ever. Basically an open top double decker bus came and picked us up and stopped 10 mins later bringing on board bacon sarnies galore and more booze than you have ever seen including top notch champers. 90 minutes later and about 8 glasses of champers later we arrive at Epsom with only bad news being that it was drizzling.

Anyway we got served canapes and a nice 3 course lunch in a covered area with lots of fine champagne and wine again. I thought this would be the end of the free booze but no way Jose. Next 4 hrs were spent between watching the races from the top of the double decker, putting bets on and drinking more and more champagne. Fol Hollow ran also but was in trouble early and could not recover eventually finishing 8th of 20 odd.

I had 0 winners from 6 bets but the Mrs had 3 winners and won the sweepstake - forget about form and just back the names is the secret. !!! Anyway after tha last race and what must have been 30ish glasses of champagne it was back on the bus for the 2 hr journey back to London and some of the funniest 2 hrs of my life.

Basically, the journey back consisted of pink champagne galore, a singalong with the band upstairs and then some freestyle Oasis songs etc as loud as you can imagine. Everyone was completely gone and the girls from the VIP club did a superb job maintaining a bit of order and preventing any of the drunkards falling off the top deck. Every person we passed in London was pissing themselves when they seen / heard the bus. Bus also got lost so we got back later than expected.

Then had a beer or tow in the hotel but was well gone, and when Brennan told us he was Phil Hellmuth for the 20th time I decided it was time to get some tea with the Mrs. A quick pizza then bed and zzzz land was the way to go.

Woke up today with absolutely no hangover what so ever (total miracle), had a big fry up and headed back home on the train.

Without doubt the best VIP / corporate entertainment do I have ever been on - Thank you very much to the Ladbrokes / Boisedale staff and bring on next year. !!!!

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