Thursday, June 18, 2009


Got this a few weeks ago as back up to my main connection as a few Sundays connection has gone down in multis. Paid £15 a month for 15GB usage but looking at usage so far 5GB would have been more than enough which is next to nothing.


1) It is probably cheaper than a disco on a Sunday night.

2) Can play in garden / train etc

3) If have shit broadband connection like me it is actually an improvement in speed.

4) You run better at cash with Mobile broadband.

Ok maybe 4) is made up but I played on that connection since Fri and made a lot of $ at cash - switched back tonight and in the biggest pot I have been in for the month I get it in with J8 on JJ6 board and JJ62 by turn ( 3 diamonds) versus AA (A di) and river is ace for a pot over 2k.

However, above just for Ben as he thinks I am golden - apart from that I have been going well / winning more than share of races and big hands holding up at both PLO and NLHE cash. Only downside is multis are still awful but tbh I play much less now as cash hourly rate has been so good.

Winning run has come at right time as I needed some cash fast and now have what I needed.

Fol Hollow entered in 6F race on Friday - I have lead team meeting at work so cannot attend so bit gutted as think he has a chance.

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rubbish said...

Hi Soap,
Ever been to Aintree? Had a wicked night there last Friday. Will have a few quid on yours tomorrow. Good luck.