Friday, July 10, 2009


Things have been going well of late as you probably read below.

However, logged on tonight with cant be rsed attitude and I should have logged off 5 mins later. I did 400 on multis and honestly didnt even try - was happy to get it in with anything.

Also lost 4 figures at PLO although 1 i got in good and the other i had KKxx v AAxx on K flop but A turn.

Anyway have booked Macau - myself and Ben the fish holmes are going from 17th Aug -2th Aug and countdown starts now!!!

Might try and do something non poker tomorrow as feel like I have OTT'd it a bit at the moment and have 3 decent games lined up for Sunday that I have already bought in / qualified for.

1) WSOPE 500$ 2 Seats Gtd qualifier to WSOPE (can't play so playing with intention of selling if won package).

2) The 500$ 30K gtd on Betfair - unfortunately they drop the 66k to 30K when run WSOPE sats which is a bit shite in my view - however won this 3 times in 9 months and would be surprised if this has been surpassed.

3) I qualfied through the 1st round of the million dollar freeroll on Monday and next round is on Sunday.

Laters - run good.

Ps click on Brenos link on the right for mega exciting updates on his knee ......coming soon!!!

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