Wednesday, July 01, 2009


PLO 7380
FL -465
Multi -1340
NL 5260
Rake Bonus 725
PROFIT 11560

Plus a Macau package to the value of $8K

Good month all round at poker an definitely my best non cash multi winning month. PLO has gone amazing and obviously have run well also as a lof of profit is at 2/4 and 3/6 levels. I also have done well at NLHE winning 4/5ths of sessions played.

Multi down as a loss but with $ value of Macau package it is probably a small gain but will include that in figures when paid into account less actual travel expense.I should get 900$ in rakerace this month as well which will go into July numbers.

More of this would be nice - update on targets below that i set as aims for year.


1) Win 36K in 2009. - On target so far as made above 50% of target in 1st 6 months.
2) Qualify for at least 1 of WSOP / CPC / AUSSIE or EPT. Done EPT Copenhagen and Macau APT 3) Play 2 or
3 GUKPT and cash in at least 1. off track played 1 and no cash KK into AA.
4) Learn PLO without making a loss in the year. On track - was well down before this month but now in profit - also learning curve per month has gone loss loss loss b even b even proft
5) Give up FL if losing at any point in year. On track hardly played but not lost.
6) Make +EV from staking Marginal - won a bit but no return from WSOP investments so far.


BH said...

Quality poker results mate - still the benchmark for us Soap protégés ....

Brenos said...

Well done on the class month :-)

Any idea on number of hands youve played at cash PLO and NLHE?

Poker play the Soap way said...

no idea how many hands - poker tracker bust - a lot more plo than nlhe

Wildcat said...

Super results, wd so far and gl for the rest of the year!